Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-Static Solid polycarbonate sheet


The anti-static polycarbonate solid sheet is a general-purpose solid board with anti-static processing added. A layer of anti-static hard film is formed on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet through the coating technology, so that it has the excellent function of eliminating static electricity in addition to other physical properties of the polycarbonate solid sheet , and the surface resistance value is 106 to 108 ohm When the anti-static function is in the best state, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the possible harm caused by static electricity, so as to meet various occasions that require dust-proof and static-removal applications.



  • Anti-static polycarbonate solid sheet is widely used in the construction of clean room workshops (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.),
  • Shading of cleanroom equipment
  • Clean room space separation
  • Clean equipment, observation windows and equipment covers,
  • Electronic test fixtures, etc.


Tests have shown that the anti-static PC solid sheet can maintain good electrical properties in the range of -40~-130 degrees Celsius and under humid conditions, and its dielectric loss tangent and dielectric constant vary between 10-130 degrees close to constant. Moreover, the volume resistivity and breakdown voltage strength of the anti-static PC solid sheet are comparable to those of polyester film, which are suitable for the manufacture of electrical components, capacitors and electrical equipment.

The anti-static PC board is characterized by strong impact resistance and high temperature resistance of 140 ° C (for example, baby bottles made of PC raw materials can be sterilized in boiling water at 100 ° C), and the PC board has excellent flame retardancy and fire resistance (flame retardant). The grade is UL-94 V0~V2); the light transmittance is more than 90%. The manufacturing process of anti-static PC board is extrusion method, and the thickness tolerance is generally 3-5 wires. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and excellent processing performance.

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