Double hook U-lock polycarbonate sheet

Twin-wall U-Lock hollow polycabonate sheet


Quanfu Endurance Board®QUANFU Locking Architectural Lighting System is a new product developed by QUANFU's technical team. The whole system adopts freely sliding fasteners, which fundamentally solves the problem of the heat of ordinary polycarbonate plates under different operating temperature conditions. To solve the problem of expansion and contraction, the upright rib design makes the whole system 100% prevent water seepage on the installation surface, and the innovative U-shaped locking edge design is enough to make the plate installation easier and faster, the combination is stronger, and the maintenance is more convenient. QUANFU's R&D team can develop new products with special sheet color, structure, light transmittance and different thermal insulation functions according to customer requirements to meet the individual needs of users. The 80-micron high-concentration UV-resistant co-extruded layer ensures that the product can be used continuously for more than 15 years.



    • Commercial Building
    • building lighting roof
    • swimming pool cover
    • Industrial Roofs and Lighting
    • Walkway / Garage


Plate Features

    • Can withstand extremely high loads without thermal expansion
    • Easy and fast installation
    • 100% leak proof
    • high thermal insulation
    • Suitable for curved designs
    • Double-sided UV protection
    • Intelligent light control series products


Quanfu Strength:

1. The company's core capabilities:

1) Experience is the key to success, 20 years of experience in polycarbonate sheet production and product application. We have been committed to the business philosophy of integrity to win the world and quality to seek the future.

2) It has an advanced solid board production line that can produce an effective width of 2.7 meters and a thickness of 20mm in China.

3) In 2018, we took the lead in introducing the fully imported German Haller optical grade PC solid sheet production line, which is of good quality and can be seen.

4) The company has its own patent and technology for the production of S-type solar panels, which not only changes the appearance but also the strength.

 5) The company's new double-hook U-shaped lock sun panel has many specifications and models. Excellent waterproof and anti-negative wind pressure and anti-aging performance to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

2. Factory and workshop:




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