Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-Drip Hollow Polycarbonate sheet (For Agriculture)


The innovative Quanfu® anti -drip sheet is suitable for roof lighting applications where dripping is not allowed, especially in agricultural greenhouses, where the dripping of condensation water droplets may cause damage to crops. This innovative product has an anti-UV co-extrusion layer on the outside and a hydrophilic coating specially developed by the German LES company on the inner surface. This hydrophilic coating increases the surface tension of the sheet and reduces the contact angle of water with the sheet, thereby inhibiting the formation of condensation. As a result, only a thin layer of water mist is formed on the surface of the board, which neither drips nor affects the excellent light transmission performance of the board, which helps to prevent the damage to crops and property caused by the dripping of condensed water.




Skylights for daylight

Pool roof


Product parameters:


Product Image:

Engineering Applications:


Shandong Tai'an Arctic Ocean Ecological Restaurant Gansu Weiwu Modern Agriculture Base
Zhangjiakou Agricultural Modernization Industrial Park Hangzhou Space Farm
Shandong Rushan Hot Spring Resort
Heilongjiang province budding shed
Shandong Zibo Yudaihe Ecological Resort
Gansu Jiuquan Ecological Park
Liaoning Gome Green and Intelligent Breeding Base
Henan New Deal Flower Base
Shandong Zibo Honeysuckle Breeding Base
Daqing Flower Base
Inner Mongolia Hohhot Flower Base
Anhui Fuyang Mint Demonstration Garden...


Quanfu Advantages:

1. The company's core capabilities:

1) Experience is the key to success, 20 years of experience in polycarbonate sheet production and product application. We have been committed to the business philosophy of integrity to win the world and quality to seek the future.

2) It has an advanced solid board production line that can produce an effective width of 2.7 meters and a thickness of 20mm in China.

3) In 2018, we took the lead in introducing the fully imported German Haller optical grade PC solid sheet production line, which is of good quality and can be seen.

4) The company has its own patent and technology for the production of S-type solar panels, which not only changes the appearance but also the strength.

5) The company's new double-hook U-shaped lock sun panel has many specifications and models. Excellent waterproof and anti-negative wind pressure and anti-aging performance to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

2. Factory and workshop:


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